THIS PORTAL ASSISTS YOU WITH THE SELECTION of MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS PROVIDERS to assist you, including consultancy - consultants, training providers and developers (of such products as software) - This section is a courtesy to our visitors. This lists are to provide you to contact and select trainers, consultants and others with confidence. While today 2016 is the norm, we do not accept certification bodies carrying out in-house training, repetitive audits short-time, consulting activities and administration of management programs.

This listing 2018 divides trainers and consultants that provide services by world regions including those that provide services limited to a particular region [if we could be of further assistance please Contact us...]. For selection of accreditation bodies and registrars visit our page of Registration Assistance.

    Disclaimer: This list includes a minuscule amount of services providers, and it is not intended to include "all" the competent consultants and training providers within you region. No inclusion of certification bodies is permitted. Please read requirements for inclusion below. is a courtesy informative Web Portal and does not solicit consultancy, we are objective in carrying our listings and recommendations. Is our intent to protect the supply chains.  

Inclusion into our regional listings is through (*) reporting from participants or client satisfaction or (*) by requesting inclusion and satisfactory investigation. If your organization provides consulting as a service branch to an accredited certification body, please do not request inclusion. For inclusion to our list of consultants and trainers, including software developers, these must meet the following criteria:

    Customer Satisfaction - We have verified through client / customers of each organization listed below at least initial investigation which may include contact with organizations, either by personal contact, e-mail or phone conversation, the level of satisfaction given prior to, during and throughout the assistance as a requirements for inclusion. Also, as a means of obtaining data and information, we have verified participant of courses and events that satisfactorily convey information on training entities and that state facts and myths regarding volunteer commercial certification arrangement.

    Ethics - As relates to "Customer Satisfaction", we verified that the services and practices are ethical, considering; (1) that competency of service provider is adequate and appropriate, (2) assuring that "registrars" or "certification bodies", as it is usual, do not provide consulting or in-house training and preceding registration. These actions are equally taken to protect independent competent consultants, training providers and you the general public and organization requiring these type of services; we also verify that the consultancy or in-house training provider it is not a branch of a registration body namely registrar. Utterly we seek communities of consumers protection, the purpose for which our recogniztion is issue.

We reserve the right to inclusion organizations that proven meets the criteria above without their request. We believe that management systems provide an valuable tool to management, when with purpose appropriately applied, in helping to fulfill legal and other obligations - we believe that management systems need not be be compulsory as these are commercial arrangement between two parties. 

The list includes training providers and consulting for the following management systems (Spanish and English):

  • Quality Management (QMS) ISO 9001 - ISO/IEC 17025 | ISO 15189 and other programs in quality systems
  • ISO/IEC 27001 - ISO/IEC 27002
  • ISO/IEC 17024 - Certification of Individuals
  • ISO/TS 22003 - Bodies providing FSMS Certification
  • ISO/IEC 17021 - Certification Bodies
  • ISO/IEC 17011 - Accreditation Bodies
  • Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001
  • Food Safety Management System ISO 22000 (with reference to CODEX, 21 CFR 120 and 110 and FSMA)
  • OSHMS ISO 45001
  • Contemporary QMS ISO 9001
  • HACCP - HARPC Management Systems (Codes of Federal Regulations, CFR - FDA...)
  • QMS ISO 13485 - Medical [FDA cGMP QSR; 21 CFR Part 820] including FDA QSIT (Quality System Inspection Technique)
  • OSHMS ISO 45001
  • IATF 16949 - Automotive
  • QMS AS9100 - Aerospace
  • Nuclear Requirements - Alternate Energy Source, ISO 9001 and Regulatory based
  • Other programs that associate to management systems

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