We partner with private and public sectors in the pursuit to bring individuals and communities for enjoyment of life with a purpose in helping fellow men. tactical world

Our Tactical Work

With focus on a consumer-centric based purpose, we are a USA based recognize public trust government tripartite, through the GOB (GlobalNet Oversight Board); for the protection of communities and consumers, and to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives from America. We help through communities and groups in matters pertaining to protection and defense based USA Constitutional laws, some of which may be through volunteer work. Through the purpose we are recognize, for the protection of communities and consumers, we can help byway of protection; cyber and personal security. 

About Us

We are a global team with operational experience from world regions which encompass Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America, Middle East. Our experience extends through activities as refer elsewhere in this portal-page and web-portals.

Mission Statement

Our pursuit is to transfer tacit knowledge for the protection of individuals and communities, based on the liberties that each of us inherently possess from birth. 

    Inherent liberties are to each citizen of the world. We possess the right to chose, what makes us different is the rights we possess elect to do something or no to do. To this effect citizens elect officials to represent groups with a system of democracy. And within this system of democracy there are laws that we need to abide, so that the rule of law prevails.

Our Team

Span throughout the world with partners, technical experts and field assessors. Our partners assess and attest to activities and processes integral to the private and public sector, such as; Anti-terrorism, Crime Laboratories, Medical Services, Health care, Construction of Infrastructures, Food Safety, Physical Security, Safety, Security of Information, Public Safety, and contacts for Personal Defensive Concierge Services. These include tactical use of personal defense, non combatant defensive. 

Our capabilities provide for a variety of services as noted elsewhere in this page-portal and throughout our web sites. These are accomplished with the support of partners from across the world.

Decisions and Work

To this effect our advisory board includes delegates that span throughout world regions; Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America and South America. We work under the supervision of a Public Trust, based recognition programs requiring adherence to antifraud, anticorruption and antitrust laws.


For information under the BULLTEK Tactical activities Contact Us to see if we can help. We thank you for your interest in our services to help communities and consumers.




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