"80% of our calls are for ERP and BRP repair work..."

Tom Bechtel, ERP Next Step Business Education Specialist

In the 60's MRP I (Materials Resource Planning) came about responding to needs and the available technology... later in the 70's MRP evolved into MRP II (Management Resource Planning) encompassing materials and resources. In the 80's and 90's globalization and technology has determine the need to establish a managerial scheme extending the scope of MRP II to the "Supply-Chain Logistics" strategy evolving into ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)... and BPM joins into the scenario... This journey is like a treacherous labyrinth, and with the support of the wrong team feels like issuing an ATM card to someone else...

Whilst looking at the future of your organizations service / product market, the GlobalNet provides information for designing to the specific needs on the basis of challenges, opportunities for improvement and what the future may bring concurrently through your staff, from beginning to end — yes, we believe that all projects should have a beginning and ending, whilst implementing fundamentals to continue growth, improvement on performance.... Today's agile and lean processing may even lead to questioning the validity of ERP as Software platform.... in some organizations lean and agile means that ERP information is an after effect

The GlobalNet includes competent professionals in the journey from MRP to ERP to Supply Chain Logistics... and are at the leading edge of evolving methodologies, practices... They have assisted in providing fundamentals to the likes of... GRIFOLS, GENERAL ELECTRIC, GRIFFITH Laboratories, M&M Mars, KELLOGG's, SAMSONITE, L'OREAL, KNORR, AJINOMOTO, NESTLÉ...



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