Interim management is an alternative to help top management through temporary management work in ways to assist organizations (temporary)

Interim management responds to the need of a temporary executive / leadership for numerous reasons organizations need to "lease" specific knowledge | talent for...

  • Unexpected resignation.
  • IPO, Initial Public Offering.
  • Transition of Technology.
  • A senior player has fallen ill and a major assignment must be completed.
  • Sudden termination.
  • A development project requires close follow-up and current management is already committed.
  • The need for an environmental management project.
  • International Standard implementation.
  • The organization requires a significant change.
  • An executive has left the organization and work must continue, while finding a suitable replacement.
  • Where a business is for sale.
  • Bankruptcy or liquidation.

Within the world markets, organizations through professionals provide highly competent interim management services. For the purpose of impartiality and competence, certification bodies should only provide certification and not provide consulting, in-house training, certification and interim management, which some offer based on permitted programs. 



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