ISO 9001. Top countries in number of certifications...

  China 144,000+
  Italy 99,000+
  Japan 54,000+
  Spain 48,000+
  UK 44,000+
  USA 40,000+
  Germany 40,000+
  India 45,000+
  France 25,000+
  Australia 17,000+

Advancing in matters of continuing global competitiveness and reducing risks, the series of the Management System ISO 9001 propitiates fundamentals to advance, update and become a better business, and to certify is a voluntary propistion, if not forced - imposed. Current ISO 9001 does not carry any significant change, mainly clarifications and wording.

    Continual improvement is not optional, it is a condition of survival. The specific ISO 9001 Quality Management System Specifications... assist organizations in identifying and managing improvements. ISO 9001 assists in developing, implementing and maintaining systematical methods for acting effectively through tackling problems and improving its products and services, and thus a vehicle for improving competitiveness and reducing risks. 

    Leadership is an effective starting point by defining mission (policy), strategy, and key indicators. These are then carried throughout the organization, communicating with everyone on the issues that matter most to sucees through tackling strategic approaches for deploying of metric-indicators through process focus reviewing organizational performance, effective problem solving, internal assessment-auditing, and thus progressing through organizational cultural.

Organizations need to define the methodology to attain customer satisfaction, improve communication, and reinforce existent market(ing) metrics, among others relevant to demonstrating competence within a continual improving scheme.

Annex SL ISO 9001 is more of a challenge to third party assessments than previous versions of the management system. Why is this...? Procedures requiring documentation are less than previous versions; the process approach is not at an easy grasp with many years of element-by-element scholl of auditing, and adding to the challenge a high level of competence for conducting adding-value-assessments.

TC 176 and Accreditation Bodies have concerns relevant to ISO 9001; (1) Are registrars and auditors competitively qualified to assess against the requirements of ISO 9001, and (2) that attention is given to the scope of the Registration issued.

ISO Kaizen-Blitz initiative (mutually inclusive or exclusive to the international management systems serve as guideline).




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