Aedan Inc. is the leading true cloud computing. Aedan Cloud Application by developers in Southern California USA  with the primary focus of Secured Application Streaming for Computing Devices. 

    AEDAN Inc. has acquired NOXEL Corp. (NOXL:OTC) June 14 2016 in which a merger agreement was executed and completed as of June 30th 2016.

    Per agreement between NOXEL Corp. and Aedan Inc., NOXEL is pending name change to AEDAN Inc, where a new stock ticker symbol will transition from previous active stock ticker symbol of NOXEL Corp., NOXL.

Aedan has delivered the foundation for future innovations; providing the consumer with a universal Cloud-Based application distribution platform which allows the user to access a completely universal operating system running in a secured cloud infrastructure ubiquitously in the world with any internet connected web browser. Also, other techologies that include from security to capture brain activities from analog to digital

In the area of REACH, users may clone it's Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows, and Android device directly to the cloud, allowing the full application support for each Operating Environment to be emulated and accessed through any internet connected device without compatibility issues.

Multiple OS sessions may run simultaneously as the user may switch between a Mac desktop to a ubuntu linux desktop, and click, drag , and drop files from Android RemixOS to Windows XP or Windows 7 within the same cloud space. Aedan's "HAAS" is a host which may assign multiple cores from one graphics processor to multiple cloud users to allow superior graphic response and rendering capability such as 3D animation, 4k quality image and video editing within the cloud without affecting the user's local device.

The Eihwaz Core GPU allows the virtual emulation and streaming of Console Games, so the user may stream Xbox or playstation games on any device by using the G3T client In this model, a complete application is offered to the customer as a software service on demand without ever having the need to upgrade the user's hardware.

A single instance of the service runs on the cloud and multiple end users are securely hosted.

The AEDAN Team helps us in maximum security, areas that include:

  • Countermeasures
  • Protect all ports for Trojan; intelligent communication encryption (ICE) dual 1024 bit I/O.
  • System memory and files scanning including applications, compressed, scripted, encrypted, images, audio, video, executables and others.
  • Continuous monitoring of TCP Ports; BT, WiFi, USB... and network activity
  • Scans external connected devices - sdcards, microsd, mmc, cpf, cf cards, usb drives.
  • Tests its linked resources, web links and others.
  • Provides authentication, anti spoofing, stealth browsing modes, script blocking, anti-port flood, oversize igmp-packets... anti-brute force attack  
  • Can be modified to the users need and will run defrag tool and registry repair tool if the OS is in magnetic or electronic allocated memory drive.

Aedan to be Cloud Computer Security Access (CSSA©) protected, further visit



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