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Intrusions run amok across the Internet (some with malicious intent) affecting the business enterprise. System / network intrusion it's not a matter of whether it can happen or not, it's a matter of when. It will happen, perhaps maliciously... and if your content, information and database are of interest to others. With this possibilities, finding sufficient protection has become a priority for many businesses, corporations and enterprises. Further, system malicious codes affects from  global networks to the family stand alone PC.

    The cost burden, adding intrusions and viruses, reach millions of dollars annually. Many studies have demonstrate that the cost of intrusions and virus showing in excess of $300.00 per work station / PC.



S ecurity implies that capable hardware and software collaborate allowing continuos operations of your network, while transparently protecting your information assets from intrusions. Hardware and software includes Physical security of your company's location and access to its network.

Transparent security components may include safeguards, firewalls, and firmware plus special "componentry" patented by our network of professionals Team "security knowledge bubble".

Encryption can be achieved through software, user authentication, in-out traffic, special application filtering, scanning and others as technology evolves. To ascertain, while not absolutely, a mix of software security considering the number of users, traffic, locations, types of activities and software applications in use. In "concert" providing custody of servers, networks and even PC stations against intrusions, and malicious codes & virus proliferation.

Information Security Management System schemes provide a fundamental basis for controlling and improving security threaths / risks, for more information contact us .

For Secure Browser we recommend downloading and installing free and free of commercials Dragon or Ice Dragon.




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