Remote-Vulnerability-Assessment (RVA), integral to CYBERSECURITY

RVA is a to assess your network for vulnerability, a critical part of cybersecurity and preparedness. RVA can be performed over specific products (e.g. medical equipment, medical devices), specific server or array or servers or a given business network, and may be follwed up with investigative work in collaboration with a U.S. federal enforcement agency. Our scans a technically manned to assure that newer vulnerabilities are consider through the process. In adherence to laws and regulations, we require that a contractual agreement. In the U.S.A. one of the legal requirement is adherence to GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) and its equivalencies, as applicable within sovereign nations.

    RVA provide a of view of a network, product emulate what an ill-intentioned visit will see. These provide a detailed view for vulnerabilities and ways to exploit these.

The activity is strictly confidential in adherence to applicable legal statutes and regulations.

How BULLTEK LTD | RVA works:

After completion of the terms of agreement, our group exclusive professional team will:

  • Plan the RVA, while maintaining contact with your team. We will need the necessary credentials to enter the product, network, server to assess for vulnerability, in adherence applicable laws and regulations. As necessary, we will provide tool credentials.
  • Execute the RVA, we assess based credentials that we will send as deem necessary. We will analyze the system virtually in-situ.
  • Upon urgent findings we will promptly notify you.
  • We will assess the agreed device and network.
  • Upon completion of the RVA we will prepare a report.
  • The report will include recommendations as deem necessary.

The RVA may lead onto findings of the following nature:

  • Intrusion analysis
  • Wireless questionable activity (wireless intrusion)
  • Lockers
  • Network architecture
  • Firewalls hardening
  • VoIP
  • Unattended access
  • Database penetration
  • et al, viable and feasible threat assessment

A deliverable, a report upon completion of the RVA, which includes up-to-date information related to the prospect or client-organization's vulnerability status.


Upon completion of RVA, organizations may decide to implement and certify to current ISMS (Information Security Management System) ISO/IEC 27001. ISMS implementation will help in the control of vulnerabilities and maintain a secure work environment. Expectations are, that the ISMS require that there be an IT role and responsibility in the organization.

BULLTEK LTD is integral to a group that includes BRS, in providing third-party working activities. We are a California based group providing training, RVA, validation, inspection and certification services, we operate worldwide. The BULLTEK LTD - BRS group started in 1984 from experience gained from DoD projects within the realm of "high-technology" when all started back in the 60' through today's DHS, AEC, DEC, TECHNICON, WESTINGHOUSE, MITEL and DoD projects that includes underwater warfare, SDI, F-117 and B1B. 



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