Industry is concerned with security conflict, information warfare and thus  Counter Terrorism Control (CTC), IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) HIDS (Hidden Intrusion Detection Systems), NIDS (Network Intrusion-Detection System) comes about within the realm of concern.

Information Warfare?

Loosely defined, targeting information in e-media, network and systems within the boundaries of an infrastructure, and by what is construed as adversary. CTC assist in preventing and controlling disruptions of the information and the networks wherein resides and which support crucial activities whether civilian, commercial, government or military systems.

CTC activities are an important subset of our services for the protection of information and relevant resources by challenging and confrontng to respond thus providing a realm of none intrusion objective.

Through our a network of professionals team advanced capability technology and management practices we assist organisations and enterprises to achieve protected cyber-barriers thus information integrity is retained while accessed by authorized sources... Our think-tank resides outside the "black box".

    Support through Management Practices and Methods

Effective policies, methods and procedures provide an excellent defines mechanism combined with countermeasures from within and through the "firewall" are elements to achieve ongoing objectives.

ISO/IEC 27001 (informative portal) provides the fundamentals for best practices through an internationally recognized management system. Implementation of ISO/IEC 17799 | ISO/IEC 27001 requires a directive, command and procedures for maintaining the information within today's "cyber-environment", for an ISMS ISO/IEC 27001 Assessment - Audit.

Services Overview

The advent of the "Knowledge Based Global E-conomy (KBGE)" changed how organizations goes about performing business. While the benefits of the KBGE is being experienced by benefiting through expanding market, streamlining operations, lowering operating costs, and advancing efficiency resulting in higher effectiveness.

Accessing information and acquiring knowledge through on-line medium is fundamental  and essential to business health, it must become a significant asset in the 21st Century. We need not to emphasize the protection of these assets, whilst bombarded by alerts and warning on security breach taking your enterprise down for any amount of time. This downtime is costly in any organization and a matter of survival for some.

Intrusions are intended to obtain intellectual property, customer database information and other assets. We observe the adverse effect that a security breach has over the organization's performance in achieving objectives.

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