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A flexible and remotely managed firewall can service delivering protection from remote location and assisted with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Provides security advent best practices needed. 24 x 7 surveillance patented through a network of professionals professionals and software providers for instant response thus significantly reducing threats and system/array/network outages.

CSI Level II

Management of "firewall" offerings by establishing secured network resources for remote operations across (network) users. This service includes consulting which provides assistance through designing, configuring and implementing the management system and enabling effective protection and use of firewall, whilst maintaining information flowing as needed (and may be integral to an ISO/IEC 27001 - ISO/IEC 27002 implementation project).

On-Site Assessment

Seek, measure and countermeasure vulnerabilities reducing risk through recommend actions enabled from data and information analysis. On a regular basis, we recommend that your organization evaluates your

Causes of system vulnerability...

  1. Failing to download and/or install security patches.
  2. Assigned unqualified personnel to manage security.
  3. Relying on VPN / Firewall solemnly.
  4. Failing to maintain and test OS.
  5. Failing to update firewall and virus policies/procedures.
system and practices, based on International Information Security Management Standard ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMSA®). For ISO/IEC 27001 assessment audit the organization is require implementation of ISO/IEC 27002. ISO/IEC 27001 on-site assessment is a visit from a qualified and competent team to your site testing your system inside the "firewall" on-line (and if dertermined off-line).

Anti-Hacker Measurements

Providing remotely managed gateway protection against malicious e-mail and file transfer protocols (FTP), for the configuration combine array of work stations, networks, and applications. The service provides updates and comprehensive protection by remote location. Surveillance provided for real-time alerts and action responding to potential intrusion and reporting of activities.

Response Team

Responding to specific needs, we can evaluate where, when and from whom the about of a security breach. This service can be provided remotely and/or on-site. This service can be made available as single-incidents or developed to meet ongoing support.

BULLTEK LTD recommends experts teaming with an organisation in planning, implementing and maintaining your organisation's knowledge assets.

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