Providing information through our sites in international management with "passion". Operating through a network of selected professionals across world regions (a Global Network) -- we are a Internet portal with a network structure focusing on providing information and answers regarding management systems. We operate from a base of operations within the high elevations of Southern California.

Since 1984 our management team provides organizations with information and answers in the pursuit of improving processes. Our team includes professionals with experience in a gamut of industries from across the world, U.S. maritime, Department of Transportation, Nuclear Regulatory, Department of the Treasury, Homeland Security, Department of Defense and others.

We advice and provide information and serivces regarding training, assessment, certification bodies, accreditation, auditing, and in areas for development of technology. Our experience derives from the multitude of  professionals working on assignments, research, and disciplines that combines visitors and known professionals.

We contribute to make international recognition a true reality with informative support that is courtesy through liaison in every continent, and this neither through open with no hidden fees.

And as signatory for recognition based public trust, we need to include in all we do integrity in ethics, including training venues and onsite advising.



In a "Knowledge Based Global E-conomy" distinguishes, at times, by remarkable growth and consolidation, organizations face a gamut of challenges. BULLTEK LLC | LTD assists through successfully responding to changing opportunities and providing courtesy information through our Internet portals.

Through a network of highly competent volunteer professionals, products, and technologies we provide industry insights and information on best practices. Not one single source of support is identified, but a combination of those that may best fit to assist in your objectives through our portals as a courtesy informative portal.

Since 1984, BULLTEK LLC | LTD advances revenues through funds by providing assessment support, training and information. Our network of volunter professionals with member firms and organizations worldwide collaborating across industry, service and national boundaries to deliver support in Europe, Pacific Rim, ASEAN, Euro Asia and across the Americas. This enviable network of firms connects through BULLTEK LLC | LTD at the Rim of the World Operations is the International Operations arm, combining local (national resources) and global experience with a greater degree of flexibility, responsiveness and consistency to assist worldwide.


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