The BULLTEK LLC is structured to support your efforts in management systems, as we respond to your inquiries and questions.

In this "knowledge based global e-conomy", the corporate veil is abruptly lifted for changes to take effect, and the principles involving management systems can help. Change that is brought by a new era of accountability to professionals, partners, customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders in any given supply-chain. We at BULLTEK LTD assists in the continuos evolution of business and governments by providing information that helps to improve performance.

Providing information and thus assisting... Governments such as herein Argentina, Province of Mendoza


Since 1984 our structure responded to the global and competitive demand brought about by the ever progressing global e-conomy, proliferation and ongoing advent of technology, when combining professionals across the world we call refer to this as "Knowledge Bubbles". Today we provide objective and competent information and responses. We can be a link between the aspiration and need of organizations and values brought about by focusing on exceeding expectations to customers / constituents by linking professionals across borders.

    Our network of professionals comprises of competent volunteer professionals that carry duties as assessors and technical experts, authorities, institutions, corporations, and alliance partnership to sustain a truly world class informative network. The professionals, specialist and organizations that collaborate through our network posses balanced leadership, business understanding, effective interpersonal skills, project management knowledge, corporate resources, problem-solving skills, and experienced in disciplines to assist in competitiveness and reduction of risk.

The network of volunteer professionals encompass knowledge and impartial - objective links with certification bodies, registrars, accreditation programs, consultancy and advisors.

In today's global e-conomy BULLTEK LLC responds
to the concept of security, community, collaboration, connectivity and thus knowledge contributing to the application of management systems as a tool to improve business and socially acceptable performance




Through a global team of volunteer professionals we provide information to help you to understand management systems, certification and accreditation schemes... for specific questions, concerns and comments please contact us

Wherein worldwide our contributors reside:


  • Europe
  • North Africa
  • Eurasia
  • South America
  • North America
  • Indian Ocean
  • Asia Pacific


We are an informative and guiding portal in matters regarding technical specifications and international standards. We rely on connecting, communicating, collaborating, and advancing in many world regions providing information on the interrelations between technology, competitiveness and risk through management systems principles.

Our support comes from different groups so that our service of information and to connect, communicate, collaborate for you and your organization to advance continues.




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