Founded in the summer of 1984, BULLTEK initiates operations in Southern California as a network of professionals providing advise and support in management practices and DoD while focusing on the North American. In 1990, after the Berlin Wall opened we expand to the international "arena", and since late 1993 and been in the Internet. Another change occurred in 2003 when stakeholders and sponsors link through our publication of pages with accreditation bodies, special membership groups, conformity assessment and certification bodies, trainers and consultants, and since then, we are strictly a courtesy informative portal on promoting management systems. BULLTEK LTD. now dot com has since 1984 carries a legacy to assist based on a uncompromising dedication to superior networking support, leading techniques, advance technology, and strong advocacy to visitors to our web portals. We have established an effective global presence through a network of professionals (often refer to "knowledge bubbles") in providing information to benefit organizations and governments through management systems. Thereof, we currently provide informative support to benefit visitors worldwide.

In 2003 BULLTEK LTD ceased consulting activities to prevent conclict of interest with the service providers including certification bodies, consultants, trainers and accreditation entities. And BULLTEK LLC continues in 2016.


BULLTEK LLC continues to develop collaborative efforts through factual and latest information. These relationships coupled with client advocacy marks BULLTEK LLC as a sources of information helping governments, multinationals as well as large, small and medium size businesses to improve performance through management systems, while receiving recognition as a signatory to a public trust with a legally binding charter governmental tripartite authority to protect consumers.






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