ISO 9000, OSHMS, ISO 31000, ISO 28000, ISO 14000 and ISO 22000 inclusive for factory fishing vessels as an Integrated Management System (IMS) are considerations inclusive to maritime, vessel (recreation or commercial trade), harbor/port management activities, third party logistics, fuel suppliers/refueling facilities (safety of life at seas, SOLAS). Consider guidance from ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 issues applicable to the maritime sector. At seas or in port...

Our network of professionals brings experience, innovation and knowledge in preventive measures through the advancement and applying recognized international management systems standards. Further, completed with professionals who served duty within the US Coast Guard in Port Authority, Search & Rescue, Customs, and Aids to Navigation activities.

    Within the lists of Conformity Assessment and Accreditation Bodies and Platforms experience and competence of professionals in dealings with activities in reduction of risk, while conforming with international maritime requirements (includes SOLAS - International Convention for the Safety at Seas).

Visit also International Management System series ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.

ISM Code

The International Safety Management Code for the Safe Operation of Vessels and Responsibility in Prevention of Pollution is based on the requirements of ISO 9000. ISM requires that organizations managing vessels must develop, implement, and maintain a management system for safety. Whilst quality address issues to promote ongoing customer satisfaction, risk is address by a safety and prevention of pollution scheme.

The IMS code has been developed by the International Maritime Organization, the International Safety Management (ISM Code) is mandatory by the adoption of SOLAS (Chapter IX). Implementation is mandatory for vessels carrying passengers, tankers, chemicals, gas and bulk carriers of over 500 gross tons since July 1, 1998. In July 1, 2002 applies to general cargo vessels of over 500 gross tons. And July 1, 2006 is the date applicable to over 150 gross tons and which must comply.

For additional information click for the International Maritime Organization. For management systems certification consider the following conformity assessment bodies, as well visit our complete list of Certification Bodies that we been able to list by meeting our criteria on integrity, ethics, customer satisfaction and accreditation: