Deciding or changing Certification Body - Registration in accordance with Accreditation Protocols based International Management Systems... For listing of Certification Bodies and registrars recommendations.

    Note, what is a registrar and certification body: A certification body needs be a legal entity that provides certification of management systems and other protocols (we consider that a Registrar is a branch of Certification Body and not synonymous). A certification body that that carries accreditation can demonstrate confidence and competence in carrying out activities of certification. The country of the base Certification Body determines the origin of certification entity, whether under accreditation or not, as the policies, procedures and operating protocols are define by the certification body. Many branches of certification bodies exist worldwide favorably in pursuit that identifies a regional "flavor". Is beneficial for organizations seeking certification that consider the point-of -sales as well as point of origin.      

For your organization to benefit, the Registrar or Certification Body needs be competent within your organization's supply chain, processes and activities and most important to carryout a purpose that ties to laws and regulations - also consider market(s) where service or products are to export consider if requires a pay-to-play program. Expectations are that the CB (certification body) or CE (certification entity) carries accreditation for recognition and to enhance the organizations ability to advance toward its own goals and objectives and mainly a legally binding focus to protect consumers.

    In certifying or registering your organization's management system through a third party - independent body you may wish to consider that the CB be competent, objective, friendly, courteous, logical, understand global boundaries and cultures, operates ethically and with integrity in protection within the supply chain of you interest.

      We receive complaints from organizations that they "err" with third party selection because of inconsistency, unfriendliness, lack of objectivity, lack of preparedness, non responsive, lack of competence, not adding-value even when claimed, or even infringing on ethical issues and integrity such as oferring consulting with certification packages. This is why we list some of the certification bodies (some may refer to registrar) on a per region and industry basis considering their potential to work with your organization - visit our Registrar Selection page (English and Spanish). Feel free contacting us for information, we are to recommend more than one registrar or registration body relating to your activities, processes and your particular regions of operations and POS.

The selection of certification body is a decision not to take lightly. While selection is critical you must understand your role as a client (organization or government entity), not in the sense that the third party (registrar or Certification Body) is so flexible that jeopardizes your relationship with your own customers or risking not meeting your own business objectives or abiding to legal requirements inclusing proteccionisms measures across the world. The need to understand issues within the realm of logic, flexibility, ethics, support, customer service, responsiveness, image, recognition, and adding-value are all part of competent Registration Body. The relationship built with a Registration Body is usually long term. Often, organization's choose more than one certification body as one is to satisfy a stamp requirements and another is to truly enhance the organization's abilities and performance. 

Consider the following...

When requesting quote or after the moment of selection the Certification - Registration Body (CB, CE) must make available to you a information containing, among other issues, true costs and agreement:

  • First most, if your client imposes a CB - CAB or very few tochoose from, then no choice is given and read no more,
  • Your option to access Procedure(s) for the assessment protocol... You must be certain and knowledgeable of what the process you are embarking. This document also indicates the criteria of acceptance.
    • [If ever deem necessary, ascertain access to the Appeal Process - If the process does not progress accordingly to plan you have an elegant possible way-out]
  • The objectives, mission, vision and values of the CB is critical as a service provider that does not offers multitude of services that provide for conflict of interest.
  • Have the CB - CAB (or its subsidiary registrar or a purchased franchise) present the assessment team members that will conduct the Assessment - Audit. And in collaboration with the CE | CB select the audit team members. In a way, if logistically feasible, this could could be like an interviewing process... ask questions that will test logic, wisdom, and general business knowledge (related to your industry) - Our experience indicates that a CBs with thousands of registrations and older established CB does not necessarily provide any advantage - too many CAB - CB seek to be all to everyone creating a mere billing scheme. What matter are values, mission, ethics and market recognition through consumer protection with international depth - e.g. if you are to sell in North America a USA or Canadian based CB needs be a consider, same if you seek claim to Codes of Federal Regulations yo need to abide to this as a legal obligation not through certifications... Be aware that Canadian law applies a quality management system for regulatory purpose as a commercial barrier for medical devices, rightfully. Same in he EU imposing certification through European CAB - CB and European AB,
  • Client contacts, considering that CBs needs to abide to confidential agreement includes names and contact information of organizations for reference. While CBs brand name are important don't rely only on name brand when claiming to be the biggest (newer CBs have proven beneficial to adding value within the assessment protocol by dedication in service rather than we hope not becomes a mere "paper certification mill").


Expectations are that the third party CB may or may not hold recognition or accreditation credentials to the specific management system to assess. Accreditation bodies provide accreditation services. Accreditation service providers, accreditation entities - bodies, are numerous some of these are ASBCe, AClass, RvA, JAB, ANAB, SCC, EMA, INMetro, INN, DSM Malaysia, TURKAK, UKAS, GOB... The accreditation bodyare require that these adhere to ISO/IEC 17011, legal obligations and regulatory compliant. The accreditation entities, bodies or platforms requires that the CBs address ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/TS 22003, ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 27006, ISO Guide 65 and for laboratories ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 15189... Also require that CBs meets the requirements of ISO 19011 as ISO/IEC 17021 determines. Some CBs opt to meet specific directives including ISO/IEC 17024 assuring competence of their own professional. The protocols for CBs (certification bodies) from accreditation protocols requires (minimum ISO/IEC 17021):

  • To establish and follow policies/procedures to provide services to organizations in a nondiscriminatory manner not used to impede or inhibit activities.
  • Provision of services accessible to all applicants—access shouldn't be conditional upon the organization's size, the organization's membership in any association or group, the number of organizations already registered, or any undue financial condition.
  • That when assessing an organization uses the criteria agreed as outlined in the published management system or scheme as defined contractually.
  • Other issues to fulfill according to scope of activities includes ISO/TS 22003, ISO/IEC 27006 and mandatory ISO/IEC 17021... before engaging in the assessment activities which may include the agreement to retain a particular audit team leader (ATL), travel and expense arrangements, use of the registration body logo, and issuance of other schemes certification some examples. management systems registration protocols may include EMS ISO 14001, QMS ISO 9001, FSMS ISO 22000... ISMS ISO/IEC 27001, OSHMS BS OHSAS 18001, ILO-OSH, Loss Prevention... and technical specifications, as variants of ISO 9001; for AS 9100, ISO 13485, TS 16949, ISO/IEC 50001, TL 9000 there are additional requirements and costs... and expectations that entities conducting approved courses align with ISO/IEC 17024 for the certification of individuals... and alike.

Et al, seek a certification - registration body that operate ethically and with integrity, courteous and proven adding value assessments, whether an accreditation or certification body 

Narrow the field

We believe that narrowing the field to 3 CBs or subsidiaries such as registrars (as purchased franchises) suffices.

There are dozens if not hundreds when combining CBs and subsidiaries registrars operating worldwide thus potentially each one can provide management system registration. A list of priority listing the issues most relevant to you will assist in the process:

  • Consumer protection-focus and preferrably legally binding accreditation certification entity | conformity assessment - certification body,
  • True interest and competence in assisting through adding-value, truly adding-value not a mere advertisement gimmick,
  • Reputation and image, and international savvy,
  • Your needs for exports, if applicable,
  • Ethics in abiding to accreditation protocols with integrity,
  • Courteous and responsive,
  • Providing cost-benefits such as not stretching billing days,
  • Market coverage within your market field, thus Knowledge and expertise in your industry sector,
  • Nature of your business and relating competency,
  • Possessing international recognition-accreditation,
  • Cost - Price relation,
  • Last but not least your clients' expectations (as clients most likely will not determine a CB or an AB)

Some organizations, but not necessary, categorize as "absolutely needed," "need to have" and "nice to have" in analyzing and selecting a registration body. Contacting us we can provide ethical and impartial guidance. Consider that Adding-Value be a true aspect of operations and not a selling gimmick, we consider highly important in the decision making process together with ethics, friendliness and other beneficial truly operational principles.

You may opt to consult with national or international bodies, see listing in previous page Registrar Selection, or contact us directly through contact us page.

The need for Certification | Registration

Your organization management team invested time and resources identifying important issues, analyzing the organization, compiling data, documenting.... even continuously rediscovering the organization itself. We encourage third party registration by a competent adding-value-assessment protocol with a recognition to assure competence and impartiality, and it is you that decides. Certification bodies can objectively assist to improve your organization's performance through competitiveness (from a global perspective) and reduction of risks as well as providing international recognition. However, be aware that organizations my opt to auto-declare compliance / conformity and need not to certify.

Any questions or concern write us to contact us page.



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