We recommend a number of training programs assisting visitors in the implementation, advancement and/or maintaining the environmental management system effort - including ISO 14000/ISO 14001 Revision 2015 training (for the Automotive industry). In the USA dozens conduct training programs such as Stat-A-Matrix and Canada Next Step Business Education Ltd. These programmes may include, and consider, verify with recommended sources:

    ISO 14000 Series EMS ISO 14001 Internal Auditing, advance* (4-day) and basic (3-day) shall include content similar to:

    • ISO 14001 Interpretation clause by clause*
    • Introduction to Contemporary Eco-Management*
    • Audit, Auditors, and Programme Management
    • The audit cycle
    • Audit Planning (Opening Meeting for 2nd and 3rd party)
    • Team Auditing
    • Auditing and Improvements
    • Closing the Audit
    • Report Writing
    • Follow-up to closing an Audit

    Courses typically succesful completion, and at times with a minimum score, and ma include a battery of numerous tests.

    ISO 14001 Project Leader for Implementation, 4-day programmes:

    • ISO 14001 section by section and clause-by-clause 2015 version
    • The Environmental Policy
    • EMS Planning (from Environmental Aspects to the EMS Programme)
    • Implementation and Project Management
    • Agile System Documentation including Contemporary Telecommunications
    • Control of Activities (Internal and External)
    • Emergency Response and Planning
    • Auditing Basics
    • Discussion of EMAS
    • Corrective and Preventive Action
    • The Continual Improvement Scheme
    • Review of the EMS
    • System Integration (IMS) of ISO 9000 (and variants), ISO 14000 and OSHAS 18001 or ILO-OSH.
    • Workshops

Environmental (Performance) Planning - techniques for identifying the environmental aspects of your organization and their interactive significance with our (natural) environment. It address the issue of regulatory requirements and risk. Programmes on the market include workshop addressing specific issues to your organisation thus ISO 14001 EMS Planning toward advancement and readiness to implementation. Some may even take the ISO Kaizen-Blitz© approach and consider "EVABAT". Our EMS programs are for regulatory purpose, a dignify purpose, as recognized signatory to public trust.

Other courses:

  • Environmental Performance (2-day Programme)
  • EMS Advance Documentation (2 and 3-day programmes)
  • EMS Management Overview (typicall 1 or half-day)
  • EMS Awareness (discussion of programs according to the need of the organisation)
  • IMS, Integrated Management System, IMS (ISO 9001:ISO 14001:OHSAS / OSHMS BS OHSAS 18001 | ISO 45001) for losss prevention.





    Recomending service and support providers:

    • EMS Review
    • BaseLine Analysis
    • EMS Strategy and Planning
    • Environmental Policy and Objectives
    • EMS Documentation Strategy
    • Implementation Assistance
    • EMS Assessment
    • Certification Support
    • EMS / EMAS Certificate of Registration




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