ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) provides a tool for management to address legal environmental obligations and regulations, et al is for regulatory purpose.

With the acceptance and industry sectors such as the automotive through OEMs requiring ISO 14001, the market for certification moves forward. This charge leaded by the Automotive Industry in pursue of business sustainability concurrent with protection of the environment, prevention of pollution, addressing regulatory compliance, reducing their own risks and liabilities and improving its performance entice better market positioning of organizations. 

Whilst Environmental Management is by no means new, the advancement through ISO 14000 it is... Implementation of ISO 14000 like requirements have since 1975 implemented... and maintaining effectiveness of the EMS through addressing issues for prevention, environmental social responsibility, conservation, sustainability and prevention of pollution. However, organizations supplying in the supply-chain bringing opportunities for improvement, cost reduction, and reduction of risk concurrent with supporting "Sustainability - Agenda 21" and ISO 14001 in filling this gap.


The following presents a chronological overview of ISO 14000 coming to age:

    Fall 1996 - ISO 14000 is officially published

    1996 through 1998 - European and Asian based organizations in the USA embrace, implement and register to ISO 14001... and 2001 advancing to IMS...

    1996 - Ford facility reduces consumption of resources and changing to more efficient alternatives for lighting... with savings in excess of $66,000.00 per year for one facility... ISO 14001 moves on to become a requirement to suppliers...

    1996 - Recycling and managing sludge as solid waste efficiently establish at Ford facilities

    1998 - Ford invokes to their supply chain to be registered ISO 14001 by year 2003

    1998 - The "domino effect" follows with GM and DaimlerChrysler invoking their suppliers to implement or register to ISO 14001 by year end 2002

    1998 - IBM requires implementation of an EMS (ISO 14001) to their supplier base

    1998 - Xerox invokes to their suppliers to implement and encourages registration to ISO 14001

    1999 - Honda Corporation invokes all its 1st Tier suppliers (construed as major suppliers) to register ISO 14001 by year end 2001

    1999 - Toyota encourages their key suppliers to implement ISO 14001, after implementing ISO 14001 in each of their global facilities completed in 1998...

    1999 - Ford announces ISO 14001 requirements to their supplier base...

    (Planned 2003) - First post publication review of the ISO 14000 series (ISO 14001...).

    2000 - 2003: Organization supplying to the automotive sector must register to ISO 14001.

    2004 - Revised for publication and EMS certification activities

    2011 - ISO 14001 growth of the certification business is limited to organizations that are forced to attain certification, while the same organizations in many world regions meet legal obligations and are regulatory compliant.

    2015 - ISO 14001 publishes following Annex SL 2012


ISO 14000 and Other Management protocols

Competent auditors may conduct auditing to ISO 14001 and Occupational Health and Safety OSHMS  (e.g. BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001) as integrated management systems. These combine management's commitment to operations, environments, product and safety aspects to include:

  1. Environmental Responsibility,
  2. Health,
  3. Safety

... to continuously improve, whilst responsive to the concern of the public and stakeholders. The combined scheme leads to a special certification. Combining schemes can save resources to organizations. 

It is important to recognize that the scope of integrated EMS ISO 14001 with other management protocols that encompass occupational health and safety (OSHMS such as BS OHSAS 18001), community involvement, environmental reporting and product stewardship.

Verify with an international accredited registration body for application and authority of who can provide the combining of ISO 14001 with other management systems, as well as others such as ISO 22000 - HACCP MS, BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001...



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