ISO 45001, for Risk reduction through occupational safety and health management:

(1) Regulatory evolution (if not in at times construed as "revolution"), (2) discontinuance in technology, and (3) market perception/trend (...brand name and image) are issues that organizations must face an maintain in "check" within their aims to anticipate adverse business impact. These issues contain significant  risks within any organization's business aspects.

In the arena of occupational safety and health forcing actions may not be the answer. A recommended path is to establish and maintain a management scheme that can through self assessment provides the basis for reduction of risk / hazards... improve "image" whilst evaluating new technology. Welcome to OSHMS, ILO-OSH and others which can provide the objective evidence that an organization has addressed best practices for managing health and safety aspects.  

    Helpful Note: Regulatory enforcement is at times a challenge by itself and ISO 45001, OSHMS and ILO-OSH can shed light assisting in effectively manage these; case in point OSHA, OROSHA and Cal/OSHA requirements in the USA, Ley 100 in Colombia, and in Italy Dlgs. 626/94...

Further, OH&S MS, OSHMS, ILO-OSH, and other managemet publications can propitiate the guidelines to integrate a management system with ISO 9001 / ISO 14001. It is important to indicate that the certification / registration scheme for ILO-OSH and OSHMS does not follow the same centralized accreditation protocols of ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 as these are voluntarily and self declaration is an option. Registrars have taken the initiative to provide Registration of an OSHMS, or even possibly ILO-OSH. [Notes, case in point: (1) IRCA has provided a certification scheme for OHSAS third party auditors and assessors, and (2) ILO-OSH is not intended for certification- registration, but does not inhibit or impedes certification / registration activities, others are RABQSA]

ILO-OSH and OSHMS ISO 45001 and others propitiate the fundamentals to establish and maintain a Safety and Health Management Scheme that, minimum:

  • Assist in correcting potential (latent) incidents or emergency situations (prevention focus)
  • Prevent unsafe health and safety working conditions
  • Assist in reducing operating and legal cost
  • Improve the corporate image through applying reduction of risk...
  • Objective demonstration relevant to ethical and social values






Organizations such as Certification and Consulting partners ABS provide public venues regarding occupational health and safety whether ILO-OSH, Z-10 | ISO 45001 training programs. These courses include interpretation and designed to present a value added understanding of the structure, intent, and interpretation of BS OHSAS 18001  and / or  ILO-OSH, for effective. An effective program should include:

  • Management Overview (short programs)
  • ILO-OSH / OSHMS ISO 45001 Implementation (may include management system integration)
  • Internal Auditor, fundamental Program
  • Advanced Auditor

Customizing each course best suite the specific need of your organization.

Current BS OHSAS 18001 on its flow onto ISO 45001 brings Annex SL structure with contents on OH&S:

  1. Scope
  2. Norm References
  3. Terms & Definitions
  4. Context of the Organization
  5. Leadership
  6. Planning
  7. Support
  8. Operation
  9. Performance Evaluation
  10. Improvement



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