FUniversity of Michigan, additional information.Repeatedly we are asked to recommend a book (or a "cure all") on the theme of ergonomics (in the workplace); as ergonomics applies from the manufacturing environment to the office. We observe that the  internal knowledge that an organization posses, through observation and analysis, it is an effective mean for an organization to provide the basis for improving efficiency, health and effectiveness in work relate activities. At times it takes getting out of a paradigm of seeking answers elsewhere where these reside within the realm of knowledge of the organization itself. Why not considering advice from a Chiropractor? We do, our network of professionals for ergonomics advice and assessment includes, Chiropractic Medicine and Sports Physician, Dr. James Carter and other Chiropractors. You may link also to the University of Michigan which has educational programs and valuable information (click to your right) on the issue of ergonomics.

Consider ergonomics as an interdisciplinary discipline. This can be best approach through a multidisciplinary team with the objective to optimize man's relation with machine and technology, entering into the arena of "autonomization" (not to confuse with automatization). "Autonomization" is integral component of (ISO) Kaizen-Blitz . In this relationship of man, machine, and technology three focal points are to consider;

    1. The participating roles of each;
    2. Productivity improves as the relationship of man, machine and technology improves;
    3. Health and Safety are fundamental aspects thus the threesome of man, machine, and technology intertwined "synergetically".

    Note: Consider that (erroneously as we have observed) appreciation for quality and efficiency are best treated as inclusive aspects resulting in productivity.

Herein we identify critical areas and possible problematic aspects, take note, to evaluate and act upon:

  1. Repetitive movement - is the monotonous (and at times a blocking paradigm) that does not propitiate improving efficiency thus leading to effectiveness... seek on how can we break monotony ... "Think as an Olympic athlete striving to exceed...".
  2. Uncomfortable and unsafe position - inclines, pushing, pulling combined with (excessive) weight and gravity can produce both muscular and structural damage to our bodies. Learn to look for these... and visualize alternatives, evaluate, and act.
  3. Pressure points - it may be nice and well in acupuncture, but in the workplace combined with A and B will lead to physical injury. Even logically A or B can produce damage... read on carpal tunnel syndrome (where it may be construed to be a genetic disposition more than an ailment).
  4. Rest! These are short burst of routine breaks thus recuperating and changing pace for the body and mind even to relax. According to assignments and environmental conditions drink an (diluted) isotonic beverage thus maintaining electrochemical balance.

And back again, think "Autonomization".

For progression and improvement in ergonomics interdisciplinary intellect will bring an effective outcome, spiced with patience (a virtue) for observations coupled with an empirical mind, innovative spirit (through creativity), and "teamwork"... Who knows, we may even move from kaizen into blitz!




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