Many organizations provide training venues and in this way assisting in the implementation or maintenance of a management scheme for Safety and Health, et al integral to Loss Prevention & Control.

    OSHMS ILO-OSH / ISO 45001 Typical Internal Auditing, 3-day programmes:

    • BS OHSAS 18001, ILO-OSH, ISO a Loss Prevention & Control measure (clause-by-clause)
    • Introduction to Contemporary Practices to Management Systems
    • Auditing and Auditors Programme Management
    • Audit Planning (Opening Meeting for 1st and 2nd party auditing)
    • Team Auditing
    • Auditing and System Enhancements
    • Report Writing
    • Follow-up an Audit Closing

    Courses should require a passing score, and may include a battery of tests and field auditing "a learning experience". Our programs are not part of an indoctrination agenda, as we are signatory to a dignify purpose.

    ILO-OSH / OSHMS / BS OHSAS 18001 Implementation, 3-day programme may include:

    • ILO-OSH, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, et al - OSHMS requirements clause-by-clause
    • The Occupational Safety & Health Policy
    • Planning (from issues related to Risk Assessment)
    • Implementation and Project Management
    • System Documentation including Contemporary Application of Technology
    • Control of Activities, Internal and External
    • Planning and Emergency Response
    • Auditing Basics
    • Corrective and Preventive Action
    • Continual Improvement - Enhancement
    • Review of the OHSMS
    • Issues of System Integration (IMS) to ISO 9001 (and variant schemes), ISO 14001, and others.
    • On-Site Facility Workshop

Other recommended courses, including:

    • ISO 45001, OHSMS / OHSAS / ILO-OSH Documentation (Basic 2 and 3-day Advanced programmes - workshops)
    • ISO 45001, OSHMS / ILO-OSH Management Overview (1-day)
    • ISO 45001, OSHMS / ILO-OSH Awareness (programme to be discussed according to the need of the requesting organisation)
    • Advanced Occupational and Health Auditor
    • Integrated Management System... IMS


Organizations such as ourselves, Excel, FSIN, CALiso, Next Step Business Education Ltd, University of Monterrey and Stat-A-Matrix provide training venues within the USA, Canada and Mexico. Others in Asia Pacific include Prinsip Mahir Sdn Bhd, Advisory Central Sdn Bhd and in Euro Asia such as BRS Turkiye and in North Africa BRS Academy.




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