The birth of the first e-mail viruses created the first Internet gateway virus protection product. Catching these patterns is not an ultimate solution, it's correction. It's all like a perpetual chess game, movement after movement. However, from analysis and behavior new trends can be foreseen and thus act in a preventive mode. ISO/IEC 27002 provides a scheme fundamentally for security of information and ISO/IEC 27001 the basis for assessment and providing a mean for ISMS certification.

    Noted, ISO/IEC 27001 is one of the first management programs to adopt Annes SL 10 section format.

Advancement of viruses are seeing sophisticate including the application of codes in Visual Basic scripts embedded in e-mail. These viruses can open in the preview pane, so the user does not even has to click on an attachment.

Encrypted and polymorphic malicious codes are difficult to intercept and isolate phase they don't follow typical pattern match. Further, mixed attacks of malicious codes and viruses are expected - mixing a hacker agent with polymorphic codes combining a script virus. LibertyCrack and e-mail viruses are two of the types that mobile users must be aware.

Organizations such like TrendMicro, as many others, are at the vanguard of malicious and virus codes and analyses the engine used to create the malicious code and not the virus itself. We  provide a link to TrendMicro because they have products and services that concur with our philosophies of reduction of risk. We provide this link strictly for convenience of visitors as we recommend TrendMicro products on the basis of our experience. It works in the background effectively unnoticeable and updates are automatic once you are on-line in open Internet.



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