ISO 9001 is an excellent, and even imperative, management system assisting organizations to continuously identify and act on risks and opportunities. Quality and the... milenium... Through process enhancements growth occurs, which may come as part of updates or raising the bar for competitiveness and/or reduction of risk.

It all begins with leadership. Through mapping of the core processes to identify and act upon critical paths, to improve process by process in time, cost, or reduction of risk (as in the application of the acronym coined by BRS, PERM; prevent - eliminate - reduce - mitigate...). 

In ISO 9001 requiring the process approach provides and entices the organization to improve in the same way they operate. While expectations are that commitment and directive comes from top management (leadership) drive and needs come from lower management levels such that becomes and maintains a customer-centric focus.

Measurable key indicators are essential to improvements and can easily relate to mapping. Through measurable key indicators the organization can analyze data and information and decide action path(s) wheter to update or to improve business performance.

Also another aspects brough about by best-in-class certification bodies is simplicity. It is easier to complicate the simple than to simplify the simple, these are lessons learned from organizations like Toyota. So once simplicity is part of the business objectives, you may wonder how did we got along without something so simple.



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