In an era whereas boxing organizations to conformity is the norm, management programs that do not seek boxing to complacency are rising. These are programs that are custom-fit by the organization itself and not to be box into conformity. Interestingly, QMS ISO 9001, SUGOD, Malcolm Baldrige, any National Quality Programs and many more can be fitted to adapt and overcome in your organization freedom for implementation of best-QMS practices and methods. 

Wherein the employers are all taken together as integral part of a dynamic approach that views the organization on the processes that it operates and that improvement does not become increasing bureaucracy is a warm welcome plus. Long time BULLTEK Ltd collaborator Dra. Miflora Gatchalian former faculty of the UP College of Home economics, current chief executive officer of Quality Partners Company Ltd. (QPCL), and Asia Pacific Delegate of the GlobalNet Oversight Board (GOB) has taken a dynamic approach. Summarized in the following five (5) abbreviations:

1. Survey and Introductory phase. In this phase, the organization the company is introduced to the concept of work collaborative to enrich quality practices and methods. This should result in areas, processes and activities to enhance.  And reconciliation on what and expectations of quality needs to occur prior to advancing.

2. In uniting any conflicting views of quality, by management apprising the employees of the organization's perception of the current business situation. To view that there are differences that need be attune with mission, vision, policy and goals. It is also at this phase that the management and the employees reformulate the organization's Quality Policy / Mission Statement.

3. Raise the level of competence by increasing through consciousness, training and other means as to capability-enhance performance. At this time management and collaborators are aware of the current level of quality within the organization  and arriving to a consensus on the advancement.

4. Sustainable collaborative work, true team spirit by applying tools and techniques for quality and service improvement taking place, and ready to advance to 5.

5. On going basis for continuing quality leading by operational enhancements.

Sugod to succeed needs to meet certain prerequisites, some of which are; leadership driven, reasonable expectations, know where the organization is at in matters of quality, and the approach that is a never ending quest with target on excellence.


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