European Union HACCP in the European Union Directives for HACCP, the first known is 93/43 (officially in effect since December of 1995), also see EU Directive 178 effective since 1 January 2006, which focuses on food safety management system (FSMS, such as ISO 22000). This directive sets forth the requirements for issues relevant to the food and hygiene sectors includes as starter the year 2004 regulations 852, 853, 854. These are mandates within the European Community (member countries of the European Union) and thus required. And now the infuence, if any, of the USA Food Safety Modernization Act.

While Directive 852/04 sets forth a mandate to incorporate best practices in hygiene, sanitation, health and product safety (applying HACCP principles as guidelines). These are 852, 853, 854 and others including 1331. These requirements set herein the general guidelines, key aspects and mandates of these directives:

  • The Food sector must implement and maintain a fundamental system for hazard analysis leading to the identification of critical points relevant to food safety (regardless of the process stage).
  • The Directive applies in the food industry and includes acting on processes related to distribution, elaboration, transport, preparation... This includes restaurants and caterers.
  • Product focus to processes includes training, instruction and supervision for risk reduction.
  • It is encouraged that industry sectors define the basis for improvement for good hygiene practice (Note: in tune with FDA's cGMPs).
  • The mandate set by this directive must be enforced ensuring compliance by the various food industry sectors considering the risk factor and implications. 

As herein indicates the principles of HACCP are applicable (and require) to organizations anywhere in the food supply chain (irrelevant of size and otherwise) - see also HACCP Management System (HACCP HARPC MS / FSMS). Further, as challenges arrive so FSMA with HARPC.

Read and study 765/2007 as the Parliamentary regulation making producers of services and goods within and to the EU needs be compulsory part of the EA as market protection measure.




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