Alignment of current revision AS9100 is a management system to help organizations adhere to laws and regulations through its operations and administration, for the aviation, avionics, and aerospace sectors  - click here (AS9100)...for certification schemes contact the IAQG or local chapter such as AAQG. AS9100 advances...

      Note: For aviation services - carriers also visit EN 13816.

    Realizing that current AS9100 is an applicable document to the aviation, avionics, aircraft... sectors. Other documents are integral to the aviation sector, information on AS9110, AS9120, AS9101 and AS9102 .

Obtaining current AS9100D contact the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE or fax +1.724.776.0790, tel. +1.724.776.4970 or visiting the book store directly at click here > SAE.

    Our experience and qualifications assisting through this informative portal, respectively with GEAE, Boeing, Rocketdyne, NASA-JPL...and others may be of benefit to your organization.

(Current AS9100) Registration implies that current ISO 9001 requirements + specific requirements relevant to the aviation / aerospace industry (visit also FAA, "Federal Aviation Administration", where we are listed as service / training supplier). Certification-registration AS9100 occurs after implementation, and validation from a third party. Other alternate considerations for lower Tiers is ISO 9001 2008 with Reference to AS9100C. Since AS9100C invokes defense, consult with your OEM-client as these requires that the supplier addresses contractual requirements and AS9100 is only a fundamental-basis management scheme. 


    ANAB, SCC, UKAS, INMETRO, and the few other recognized accreditation entities allowed, as these already established AS9100 recognition protocols. Also visit (IAQG) for AIR559 information., also reference Title 14 Part 21 of CFR.


We provide information and answer questions assisting in project managing the implementation or transition process,

We assist by indicating where to obtain training:

  • Implementation / Project Management, AS9100
  • Contemporary Documentation and Development (including intranet / extranet strategies),
  • Internal Auditor (advanced and basic),
  • AS9100 (and document series) Interpretation
  • Management Overview - 2-3 hours
  • Project Leader - 4-day


Through our GlobalNet of professionals we can indicate the above programs and where to train in a variety of languages.


AS9110, AS9120, AS9101 and AS9102

These are supplemental with current revision of AS9100, consult / verify with your registrar for applicability and updates, the purpose of each is:

  1. AS9110 - applies to organizations that provide repair services
  2. AS9120 - Applies to organizations that warehouse, store and distribute components and parts for the Aerospace industry.
  3. AS9101 - Is a Quality System Assessment guidelines and requirements for verifying and auditing AS9100.
  4. AS9102 - Is a Product and Part and Approval Process, and required for submittal of first article and subsequent contractual controls for products and processes.


AS9100 D

See AS9100 Alignment Page for information.

GEAE and Boeing requires from suppliers implementing SAE AS9100. GE and Boeing has their own professional body of auditors in determining suppliers compliance (and certification / registration) to current AS9100. Boeing, GEAE, Honeywell and others require 3rd Party registration (verify with your OEM such as GEAE, Boeing and others) [verify with your aerospace OEM client procurement function].

AS9100 may migrate to the ISO Annesx SL format - contact us.

AS9120, Quality Management Systems

Aerospace Requirements for stocking distributors, verify AS9120. The standard specifies requirements applicable to distributors.

    Note: AS9120 highlights additional requirements as indicates in bold, italic text. For obtaining AS9120 contact also visit IAQG.

Also, for application of AS9110 to Aerospace Maintenance and Repair Facilities (FAR 145) visit the SAE website.

Note: SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers is the publisher for AS documents). However, SAE has no involvement with IATF for the automotive Sector, which is dominated by IATF 16949.



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