We identify sources for current AS9100D programs, training, and implementation:



Identifying sources for providing training in a multitude of languages, within USA contact Sta-A-Matrix or contact us for information, Canada Next Step Business Education Ltd. We design and develop training programmes for the Avionics / Aviation service sector specifics.


    Assisting with implementation from either transition from other programs (e.g. ISO 9001, AS9001) or from initial project through to Registration and beyond (continual improvement) recomending Stat-A-Matrix in LatinoAmerica GSES (Global System Enterprise Solutions) or Contact us.


AS9100 Management System Overview, up to 4-hour programme:


  • Introduction to AS9100
  • AS9100D Requirements
  • Discussions on Applicability
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Regulatory Requirements


AS9100 Project Leader, 3 and 4-day programmes:


    • Introduction, AS9100, IAQG, OASIS
    • FAA applicable regulstions
    • AS9100 Clause-by-Clause
    • AS9102 (PPAP)
    • Implications of Regulatory Requirements
    • Implementation and Project Management
    • Agile System Documentation [Including Applying Contemporary Technology]
    • Auditing Overview (QSA AS9101)
    • Continual Improvement
    • Registration protocol
    • On-Site Facility Workshop


3-day audit programmes focuses on 1st Party auditing and the 4-day address 1st and 2nd Party auditing.


AS9100 Internal Auditing, Programmes; Advanced 4-day, Basic 3-day (Also 2-day review/refresher course available) with on-site team workshops:


    • AS9100D Interpretation and "QSA" AS9101
    • Audit, Auditors and Programme Management
    • Audit Planning (Opening Meeting for 2nd and 3rd party)
    • Team Auditing
    • Auditing and Improvements
    • Closing the Audit
    • Report Writing
    • Follow-up to closing an Audit


    This is an audit course applicable to the aerospace industry quality management system concurrent with wherein regulatory requirements fit into the AS9100 QMS. A training program providing knowledge to professionals pursuing implementation and advancement to current revision of AS9100. This course has been designed and developed complying with AIR 5359A (AIR 5493).


The programmes herein are typically for in-house within the USA and regions of Asia, Europe, and Latin America, at times public (upon request of client-organisations), contact us for information.




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