ISO/IEC 17024 is the International Management System for organizations and entities that seek international recognition for the certification of the competence of individuals. Also, let it be known to consider ISO 29990 Learning Provider Management System (LPSM) as the vehicle to reach certification of individuals. ISO 29990 applies to institutions that provide training and education venues. ISO/IEC 17024...

ISO/IEC 17024 response to the need for certification of General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons. This standard provides a benchmark for certification bodies offering certification of individuals applicable to any occupation. It facilitates for organizations and entities accreditation such as RvA, GOB, ANSI, UKAS, ASBCe and many others, and for international accreditation e.g. The GOB Accreditation Platform.

    ISO/IEC 17024 intent is to provide a framework for accreditation and certification programs for individuals and as the standard against which a Third Party can validate the management system for certification of persons. The standard itself requires that competence is demonstrated, and which includes education, knowledge, skills and experience requirements that a certified person needs and would be expected to meet.

This international recognized and generally accepted (IRGA) benchmark provides the general requirements for a management system. It describes conditions for application, examinations, surveillance and re-certification of individuals. Biding to regulatory requirements as well as the International Standard itself it specifies the requisites eluding conflict of interest including certification, confidentiality of information, competence of staff and contractors, and the need for stockholder input into certification schemes.

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