ISO Kaizen-Blitz©... We are at a portal of what once... and is no longer... We have arrived to the Knowledge Based Global E-conomy©...

Integral to ongoing challenges, is the agile "stormy" change designated as blitz (thunder, lightning, turbulence...) anticipating to the effects brought about technology, information, knowledge, social responsibility and those encompassing "globalization". Provides a basis for continual improvement

Organizations and regions that will blitz (not be blitzed) are those continuously striving for growth and continual improving within a global perspective. In the advancement of "blitzing" enriched by "kaizen" principles, the knowledge revolution has arrived.

The knowledge communities, network clusters, "bubbles," and global networks are changing the way we have organized and structured - the way we believe we work, collaborate, and organize. Launching, building and managing through networks, communication clusters, communities an alike will be the key allowing gains from knowledge, whilst others stagger and "information paralysis" comes into play. We are interwoven through connectivity for collaboration and sharing, brought about within the "knowledge community". The application of principles and concepts within kaizen and blitz are important team spirit contributions integrating methodologies toward one system for global competitiveness and reducing risk.

    Knowledge management has blitzed into the business scene, not because it is new, but because of the proliferation of technology, demanded changes, and access to information convertible into knowledge. The successful enterprise must have the ability of converting information into knowledge. This is an integral and essential asset in keeping the enterprise and organisations bound to advancement. The collective tacit knowledge from clients, market, suppliers, contractors, coworkers, and competition is as important as the context and the form in which it gets communicated... Success rely in the ability to transfer knowledge from tacit to explicit and thus raising the Knowledge value ($) worth per employee / collaborator. The value of knowledge does not rely on being stored but in applying... Stored information (not dynamic) is of little use...

      We at BULLTEK LTD are structure such that we see knowledge as our main asset, in providing informative services. Through a network of associates and partners in a non-existing hierarchy infrastructure, we work through "bubbles" - we are a "portfolio of entrepreneurs" - we are a collaborative network of "Knowledge Bubbles." We understand new opportunities and new challenges and from thereon... to assist clients to blitz over fundamentals of kaizen for advancement and progression.

Knowledge is information put into productive use... Management schemes such as ISO Kaizen-Blitz© comes about assisting in progressively advancing your position whilst reducing risk Further, provides the fundamentals of a robust yet agile management system residing within the schemes of International Management Systems Standards.

    In like "mother nature" (e.g., snake, tiger, bull, bee, mantis, and the monkey) we can observe how tacit knowledge projects (explicitly), shared, and put into productive use for progress.

The introductory article ISO Kaizen-Blitz© can provide light in the fusion of society, business... and government in a new role toward social and other improvements through progressiveness. Further, we ongoing develop and publish Guidelines, on the basis of International Management System Standards. To assist in advancing existent managerial systems in an era of "Knowledge Base and Global E-conomy", and perhaps some characterize, as "fuzziness" by some while clearly "visible" by others, welcome to ISO Kaizen-Blitz©. Other articles elsewhere in this portal explain the concepts and variations f the IKB© application.

Kaizen-Blitz and Lean Manufacturing share common objectives. Further, for certification- registration of "Lean Manufacturing" (click for registrar providing "Lean" certification- registration).

to ongoing challenges, is the agile "stormy" change designated as blitz (thunder, lightning, turbulence...) anticipating to the effects brought about technology, information, knowledge, social responsibility and those encompassing "globalization".

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