Performance... Kaizen

Assists in measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling process and activities thus enhancing business performance.

It is a proactive process in progressive advancements within an organizations corporate culture.

IKB© Performance will assist in driving business improvements. In particular, it will help to maximize  cost efficiencies and performance of services provided (internally or external) offerings, by leveraging systems technology and its commitment to establishing the most efficient operations (dynamically). Significant initiatives, first steps, for advancing include:

  • Analysis - understand the advancement and improvement. Common analytical tools, can be used to prioritize advancement projects. More complex statistical tools may be used to identify key variables for improvement. The output of this phase is the identification of opportunities and key variables that most heavily influence the process variation.
  • Improvement - confirm the key variables and then quantify the effect of these same variables, identify the maximum acceptable ranges of the key variables, make certain the measurement systems are capable of measuring identified (and evaluated) opportunity in the key variables and modify the process to stay within the strategy, objectives or goals. Note: Do not fall in the trap of confusing improvement with increase bureaucracy.
  • Control - ensure that the modified process enables the key variables to perform within maximum acceptable ranges applying contemporary tools. Projects have been divided to five principal categories, as need rises innovation comes about:
    1. On-time delivery - efforts are focused on ensuring that items are delivered when the customer requires them, further providing the benchmark to exceed customers expectations.
    2. Quick response - focus is on increasing the number of price and availability calls completed on first contact with the customer, as well as providing timely order status.
    3. Order Accuracy - emphasis on ensuring that the customer order is entered with 100% accuracy every time.
    4. Inventory fill rates - ensure that items regularly purchased are in stock and with sufficient quantities to meet customer requirements minimizing your organizations inventory burden.
    5. Accurate Shipment - confirm accurate picking and packing with materials delivered damage-free to the customer.

IKB© is another way in which enable organizations in providing the most efficient and cost effective means for delivering customer and exceeding customer satisfaction.

We recognize that every problem relating to service and product quality is the result of some process opportunity for improvement. IKB© provides within a team discipline to identify, prioritize and improve through reducing variation in processes that affect customer perception, further create a pathway for improvement toward exceeding customer expectations.

IKB© works hand-in-hand with principles and methods contained within kaizen in assisting to blitz.

Historical Note: BULLTEK LTD - we have participated, firsthand, on the conceptual onset of advancement methodologies for improvement, from within Motorola wherein some of our GlobalNet members participated in the onset development concept and initial Six Sigma protocol (late 70's and early 80's at Schaumburg, IL) leading to today's Six Sigma methods and principles. We are proud of our experience, some of us call it heritage.



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