Kai-zen... A "wholistic" path from within... in terms understandable to the western cultures, the path to progressive | continuous improvement. And lightening fast is the intensive is the blitz portion...

... thereof the intensive approach to process improvement is Kaizen-Blitz. Kaizen-Blitz can combine different tools including "Lean Manufacturing" 5S, visual systems, cell manufacturing, pull/kanban (synchronous flow), reduction of set-up times, simplification, line balancing and other contemporary advanced methodologies. Kaizen - Blitz incorporates teamwork, empowerment, brainstorming, and problem solving to blitz through improvements.

In our global experiences we have experienced many methods and organizations and we have to give "thumbs up" to Next Step Business Education Ltd Canada, and we do this totally impartial and objective.

    Further, some management registration bodies apply "Lean" Certification within their arsenal contributing to the improvements of QMS ISO 9001, FSMS ISO 22000, EMS ISO 14001 and other international management systems.

It is imperative that organizations progressively advance in tune within the market sector wherein operates.

Basic tools (classical and non classical) applicable to performance advancement based on principles of risk reduction are presented to a interdisciplinary / multidisciplinary team. Success stories from Next Step Business Education Ltd GlobalNet member includes one week support, some of the accomplishments:

  • Improve revenues by US$5MM
  • Elimination of one shift and thus transferring knowledgeable personnel to alike product lines
  • 30% Productivity (efficiency x quality) improvement
  • Improve product output 80%
  • Reduce cycle times... on going... from 26 days to 6 hours...

Presentation of these programs can be in various languages across the Globe.

The Workshop, Next Step Business Education Ltd

  • What is Kaizen (and what is not)
  • Identification, evaluation, and analysis for implementation improvements team focused:
      • Transfer of tacit knowledge;
      • Identification of solution and opportunities;
      • Tackling improvement and opportunities through sub-teams analyzing opportunity or problem;
      • Deciding on best path and blitz implementation;
      • Identifying and defining what's to implement immediately, short and medium range;
      • Discussion with management on the improvement in terms of $$.
  • Further continuing with:
      • Employee involvement
      • Kaizen and Blitz principles involving identification, knowledge sharing, and evaluation based on principles compatible with stopping, reduction, and changing
      • managerial system focus providing the fundamentals for consciousness, continuity, involvement 

This is within a week of teamwork.



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