In attempting to provide and agile explanation of ISO Kaizen-Blitz© (IKB©), is easier done than said  - as the President of The Willows Manufacturing Co. Ltd. stated… "It's like trying to explain sex… it's something more done than said, it's difficult to instruct or explain."


IKB© is a managerial scheme to assist organizations and institutions in advancing trough international competitiveness while reducing risk. IKB© (copyrighted by BULLTEK L TD) is a twofold system that verifies optimization and enhancements as well as effectiveness (it is not  mere conformity checking); (1) of which resides within the the use of the fundamental of International Management Systems ISO 9001:ISO 14001:(BS OHSAS 18001 | ISO 45001) and others spiced with "Knowledge Management" and other principles and concepts assisting in competitiveness while being aware of risks; (2) one that propitiates continual optimization and enhancements through processes and activities. Both, mutually inclusive or exclusive, pursue advancement in reduction of risk and global competitiveness such that the outcome is tangible. Whilst producing tangible results, IKB © is translucent, it's transparent, through improvement propitiating a "win-win-win" ongoing path. IKB© transposes and permeates into and through an organization by assisting in shifting from paradigm to paradigm -- IKB© is palpable in time as it permeates transparently and is dependent on the needs from markets and society et al impacting decision making. Within the realm of the business core (organization or institution, the enterprise) benefits go beyond purely profitability, it is a discovery process; IKB© it is not a "canned-product ".            


    Example - our clients have instances or totality of IKB© and we herein explain a very simplistic occurrence… A shift production supervisor, as part of his team work assignment (process verification and validation) informed… "I used to jump established procedures, now truly understand the importance and consequence of not following these… further, my knowledge is transferred into the procedures thus others can learn...". Such "simplistic" statement concurrent with other instances put into play currently assists an organization to survive through very rough times (whilst their competitors not surviving) within an inhospitable global region… the outcome is that they have become stronger in a market with less competitors.


IKB© is expandable change (it can propagate like a virus) it's contagious (as success usually is). After assisting organizations these are left with a more competitively, lower risks and a heightened readiness level to anticipate…


… IKB© assembles management techniques and principles relating to best world class practices inclusive or mutually exclusive to ISO (International Management Standards). It is important to indicate that within IKB replaces productivity with factorial terms relating to quality and efficiency. Productivity in essence is the resulting (minimum) mathematical-product of efficiency and quality plus integrating aspects for reducing risk (health, environment, safety and financial; non-intentional and intentional) within a realm of progressive acquired knowledge.


    IKB© derives from the Japanese concept of Kai and Zen referring to progressive supple improvement (patiently, a virtue that many cultures at times don't posses)...

    ...and blitz (from the German lightning fast, quantum expansion)... such that...

    In the mutually inclusive sense, ISO provides the fundamentals to robustness of the KB formula. Kaizen requires from ISO for robust yet agile continuance. And it does not rely on great investment of rescues, most likely what's there provides what's needed.

    Blitz requires ISO to assure that after the storm a robust base remains ascertaining growth (expansive or progressively). 


A basic premise of IKB© applicable to organizations, government and regions… vigilance must be maintained (perhaps through monitoring) over three basic effects thus we can ANTICIPATE or EVEN BE THE GENERATORS of such effects: 

    (1) Changes in market tendency and behavior,
    (2) Discontinuance of Technology, and
    (3) Evolution (or revolution) of regulations.


Thus ascertain that the impact it is favorable...

    • Once upon a time customers where being satisfied... and it's gone...
    • Later customer expectations where exceeded... and it's gone...
    • We now generate and create the needs in the market, prospects, and customers… and it will also be gone…
    • Thanks IKB©!


Network Professionals Canadian group...

"IKB© it is discovered with support like ours, it's not packaged "by the dozen" of IKBs… for that IKB© knowledge is taken as a basis and as the organization needs and can absorb it".



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