The actual version (released early 2001, originates from 1996 as presented at the X WCPS) is mutually inclusive with ISO Management System Schemes ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (considering OHSAS 18001 / OSHMS / ILO-OSH) in a best light + differentiating key aspects of IKB©. These are:


  1. Productivity has been taken as one of the point focus, considering that quality is simply one of the factors in the productivity equation, and efficiency being other.
  2. Knowledge Management plays a key role (in Blitz).
  3. While strengthening the region, competitiveness from an international perspective while acting locally, is considered, by propitiating anticipation to three key issues, and thus providing the fundamentals for an organization to blitz or join a blitz.
  4. Assist in propitiating Kaizen fundamentals through the scheme itself.
  5. Reduction of Risk/Social Responsibility plays a key role from a regulatory perspective. Some of these risks include falling into conformity that leads onto complacency.

We have reiviwed IKB© in the light of ISO 9001. ISO Kaizen-Blitz© can evolve into an "IMS" "Registerable" ISO 9001 : ISO 14001 : Occupatiooanl Safety OSHMS / ILO-OSH, OHSAS 18001 : ISO 45001 mutually exclusive scheme (or inclusive), client-organizations, for information contact us.




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