The approach for implementation and advancing matters for international competitiveness and reduction of risk, through IKB©, can flow...

  • ... Conceptual
  • Modeling
  • Acting
  • Revise
  • Transfer...

Conceptualization & Modeling may require development through a BaseLine model unloading onto a road map document concurrent with a planning strategy. It determines key knowledge requirements, identify areas for improvements, define knowledge management initiatives, set priorities, evaluate technology initiatives, and "design" and assist in developing or advancement to a fundamentally robust yet agile managerial system, contemplating existent practices and methods (organisation's culture).

Acting requires connectivity and collaboration (c2), et al communication in a "teamwork" environment - connectivity, collection, verification, value, test, share and act are components to the ongoing objective of global competitiveness and reduction of risk.

Revising is conducting a management verification, review and validation protocol, realizing that advancement is continual. Reviewing involves validation against managerial metrics.

Transferring is the advancement element that requires an open commitment and includes knowledge (elements), development of opportunities to create value, conduct on going internal auditing scheme... achieving a higher level of competitiveness and lesser risk.

From "hereon" an organization enhance and optimize their performance as the IKB© fundamental components for progressiveness, improving and anticipation, sustaining once implemented.



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