IKB© is our approach  to assist organisations including government to face this "Knowledge Based Global E-conomy" through incorporating contemporary methods, principles and practices. These are integral (fused) to advancing through competitiveness from a global perspective and reducing risk(s). Through a network of professionals guidance is available from strategic development from kaizen to blitz and to kaizen. IKB © can "permute" into KBI© or KIB©. Note: it may incorporate to Six (VI - 6) Sigma schemes, click at page bottom...

    Driven by aspects to blitz, IKB© delivers tangible improvement to the bottom-line and efficiency concurrent with reduction of risk. Advancing to this improvement scheme is through implementation supporting sustainability thus gains prevail.

    Our GlobalNet assists in building goals and financial targets within blitz time period. Through transferring (our) tacit knowledge explicitly to the organisation's operating core and management. BULLTEK L TD approach is transferring IKB© knowledge and required skills enabling your organisation ownership for advancement and sustainability in the face of change.

Achieving IKB© at its highest level requires rigorous commitment and involvement for improvement, that must be initiated by management.  



Integrating success elements comprising an IKB © approach

Deliver added-value ROI...

...Through goals and results...

Blitz improvements...

Revenue increasing whilst reducing cost...

Drives a core operating managerial system to ongoing improvement...

... within a Knowledge Based Global E-conomy Entrepreneurial Environment



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