Blitzing through brainstorming and managing change;

Advancement in "blitzing mode" or Blitz is a challenging task not to mention highly strenuous. This onerous task of blitzing has best been achieved with external support.

Blitz requires pursuing with an intuitive mindset the obvious to proceed from "solid fundamentals". It requires experience and transferring tacit knowledge as explicitly as best suited to the objective that is being sought.

Applying best global practices is an ongoing process and through Kaizen-Blitz an organization advance competitively whilst reducing risk. Further, the concept of "lean" (organization) is integral to the objective of Kaizen-Blitz.

Numerous organizations globally are adopting techniques within the realm of ISO Kaizen-Blitz©. ISO Kaizen-Blitz© integrates competitively components assisting to the dynamics of "World Class".

Our Kaizen-Blitz approach implies simplification, innovation, competitiveness within a risk reduction dynamic environment. And it propitiates improving an organizations knowledge base.

    Kaizen-Blitz means eliminate operational and administrative waste and thus improving business performance.

We are experience in advancement through "learning experience" process applied through teamwork which may include, as best suited to the assignment objectives; knowledge management, kan-ban (synchronous flow), supply chain, logistics, kaizen, blitz, takt time, one piece flow concept, "autonomation", poka yoke, SMED, "U" cells, 5 S's...

If your organization is to prevail, growth must be pursuit. Applying principles and methods with the philosophical realm of IKB© will enable the organization toward global competitiveness and reduction of risk.

IKB© will propitiate growth and improvement opportunities and the dynamics of achieving delightful customers and thus improving bottom-line profits.

    We must realize that resisting change is imminent and in many ways welcome, its need to assure that advancement is achieved through an investment and not an expenditure.

Our passion for your organization to succeed through transitions and continuously improving in this "Knowledge Based Global E-conomy" is based on our own mission.



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