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"Through response to questions and inquiry, assist in global competitiveness and reduction of risk, by applying international experience and synergy with passion as a unitary team and to generate benefits to site visitors and striving to exceed visitor's expectations"

In a "knowledge based global e-conomy" distinguished by speed, connectivity, collaboration and flow of information organizations face a gamut of challenges. BULLTEK LTD | LLC assists organizations to successfully respond to changes and opportunities through our content informative web linked services and answering questions. We sell or offer nothing, we are  informative courtesy portals that focus in collaborative effors to the protection of consumers.

Since 1984 BULLTEK LLC we assist organizations in competitiveness, reduction of risk; and technology, and since 1993 through Internet Portals. We focus our collaborative teamwork by addressing the complex business challenges faced by organizations worldwide. Through a network of professionals of selected professionals, associations, universities, joint ventures, and partners we have grouped a highly competent network of services, professionals and technologies continuously enhanced focusing on industry, global, regional "best practices", and security while prioritizing on informative content and support. 

Our network of professionals (organized in "knowledge bubble") with accessibility thousands of professionals worldwide with the potential of collaborating across industry, service and national boundaries. We bring together resources with greater flexibility, responsiveness and consistency of services and technology. This is why our collaborative effort includes assisting industry and government sectors in matters of global competitiveness and reduction of risk through our informative portals in different languages.




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